My Bulletin Board

My bulletin board provides a peek into some of the artifacts and art that inspired THE OTHER ALCOTT. Some highlights...

  • May drew the illustration of the ice skater for the first edition of LITTLE WOMEN in 1868
  • (bottom right) This photograph inspired the sleigh ride scene in THE OTHER ALCOTT.
  • (left of the sleigh photo) Orchard House
  • (mid-way down the left-hand side) Portraits of May and Ernest
  • (above her photo) Portrait of May by her friend, Rose Peckham
  • The painting of the little girl and the blue chairs is by May's friend, Mary Cassatt
  • (tucked behind Cassatt's painting) May's painting from the 1879 Paris Salon, Le Negresse
  • (top left) The Beacon Hill home where Lulu and Louisa lived