Short bio: A native New Englander, Elise spent several years writing for television and online news outlets before getting a MA and teaching high-school literature and history. She now lives in Seattle with her husband and two daughters.

Long bio: I grew up in New England as a bonafide bookworm. My love of reading, paired with an overly active imagination, led me to believe I was born in the wrong era. Instead of living in the ‘80s, I was supposed to be traveling across the prairie in a covered wagon (Laura Ingalls), chasing fauns through Narnia (Susan or Lucy Pevensie), or exploring Prince Edward Island in “puffed sleeves” (Anne Shirley); instead I crossed town in a station wagon to chase field hockey balls and wore Tretorns to explore the mall, all while dreaming of leading a more storied existence somewhere like Thornfield Hall, Manderley, or Tara.

After eventually moving to the West coast and attending graduate school, I started teaching high school English and history and writing whenever I had the chance. My main characters tend to be based on the lives of real women who have been frequently overlooked in history books. Many of these women, like May Alcott and Dorothea Lange, can help us better understand the past and draw important connections to our own times.

Visiting the “Women Artists in Paris: 1850-1900” exhibit at the Speed Museum.

Visiting the “Women Artists in Paris: 1850-1900” exhibit at the Speed Museum.

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The Other Alcott is historical fiction about art, ambition, and the real women behind the March sisters in Louisa May Alcott's beloved classic Little Women

Learning to See is also historical fiction about Dorothea Lange, the pioneering documentary photographer who captured iconic images of the Great Depression and the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Inspiration for THE OTHER ALCOTT

Inspiration for THE OTHER ALCOTT

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